Questionaire response


The Call Committee reported on the compilation of responses from the congregation questionnaire.  It should be noted the responses of the opinions of the congregation, not the Call Committee.  Summary follows:
I   What is your vision for Christ the Servant Five Years from Now?
1. Most respondents are looking for an increase in membership.
2. They are looking to see more youth and young families in attendance.
3. They would like us to be a strong and cohesive congregation and an inspiration to the community.
4. Our congregation should be receptive to change and not be overly critical.
5. A balanced budget where members will keep up their congregational commitments.
6. Develop an Evangelism committee and member visitation during the year.
II  What is your view of the role of our new pastor in our programs and ministries? 
1. An ordained pastor that is a role model, leader in the community, as well as a teacher and preacher.
2. Younger leadership preferably married with children. 
3. Have a spouse that wants to be involved with activities in the church.
4. Visitation of the home-bound and the sick.  Visits from time to time with members of the congregation.
5. A designater, giving congregational leadership for various programs, without being in complete control.
III  What qualities should our new pastor possess?
1. The pastor should be approachable, inspirational and a motivator.
2. Have a heart for youth ministries.
3. Be a spirit-filled shepherd and teach the scriptures.
4. A good singing voice and a capacity of love as Christ first loved us.
5. Must be a good listener and counselor.
6. Work with the church Council and listen to the dialogue.  The pastor should not control the meeting or have a vote.
IV  How Important is the Outreach or Ministry to local schools and colleges to you?
1. It is important to reach out to the students.  Even if they have a church home, we can be their church away from home.
2. Continue to work with those in need, e.g. poverty, job loss, grief, CAP.
3. Some said about the outreach to schools, ” it is important, but, it shouldn’t be our main focus.”
V  Other concerns (Council actions)
1. We need to charge a small fee when renting out the Fellowship hall to help defer utility expenses (already in Constitution).
2. We cannot allow ourselves to be divided.
3. Concern ourselves with the youth of the church.  They are our future.
4. More focus on music programs (musicians and singers).
5. Marriage retreats and seminars.
6. Spring and fall festivals where all participate.
7. If a member is not attending church, an appropriate call or visit to see if we can’t be of help.
Discussion ensued on the Call committee report of the wishes of the congregation.
One of the key items discussed was held to increase membership and how to attract young families.  Evangelism should be a major congregation concern.  Care and prayer ministry should be visiting the sick.  We need to bond with people who need a visit.  Encourage strong members of the congregation that do not serve in leadership positions to volunteer and lead our congregation.