Budget 101

Your offering goes to one of four separate areas depending upon the instructions you give on your offering envelope. Offering envelopes without instructions are credited entirely to Current expenses.

  1. The current expense offering goes to our day-to-day operations. Current expense items include items such as salaries, electricity, insurance, repairs, ministry teams, postage, and all the other items it takes for us to operate. In essence, these are our business expenses.
  2. The benevolence offering goes to charities supported by our church. Benevolence giving passes through our church to our supported charities in total. Nothing is deducted. What comes in goes out. Every penny given is distributed quarterly according to percentages allocated at the beginning of the year.
  3. Debt reduction contributions are placed in a separate bank account for payment of our mortgage. What is contributed to debt reduction goes only to pay the mortgage, although we try to pay more when we can.
  4. Designated contributions are kept in a separate bank account to be utilized as they are directed by the contributor.  The designations are widespread, including everything from altar flowers to youth, from music to installing a streaming system for our shut-in members. The funds are only used for the designated purpose. When memorial funds are not specifically designated, the family is consulted for guidance.

Offering envelopes in the sanctuary rows are marked for your convenience to direct offerings to one or more of the four areas. Offerings received without instruction are credited to Current expense.

Thank you for your contribution.

Each fall, the Resource Ministry team meets to formulate the church budget. The estimate of Giving cards helps us anticipate how much money should be coming in for the following year. This input, plus historical data of non-pledged monies received in previous years, allows us to pay our bills and allocate funds to our Ministry teams.

But we need your help. Imagine if you had no idea of your personal weekly/ monthly income. How would you budget to pay your bills? The Resource Ministry team utilizes your Estimate of Giving cards to form the basis for the budget. The completed budget is first presented to the Council in November for approval and then voted on by our members at the Annual Meeting, also in November.

Note: A copy of the approved budget can be found in the church’s current Church directory.