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Time, Talent and Treasure


We need lay assistants, readers, nursery attendants and ushers for our Sunday services, as well as volunteers for Altar Guild and Care and Prayer Leaders. Please think seriously about sharing your time and talents with us so that our church will run smoothly.

If you can help, please call the church office for more information. Help your congregation through sharing your talents, even part-time.  Many hands make light work.   Thank you.

Annual Time and Talent Commitment

1 Corinthians 12:4-6:  “Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of services, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who activates them in everyone.

1 Peter 4:10.  “As each has received a gift, employ it for one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”

The above verses remind us that our Lord wants to activate the various gifts we have in faithful service in the church.  As members of Christ the Servant Church we seek to be activated for service to Christ.  Listed herein are many ways we can serve the Lord.

We will prayerfully consider all these areas of service and check the areas of service we are willing to commit to participating in during the coming year.  We know the gifts and service of all our members are needed so that we may be a powerful and spirit-filled body of faithful Christian service.

We will also remember we need full staff for all our worship services, and every member of our household can commit to their way of giving service.


My name is _______________________________
Envelope #______

BASIC SERVICE:  I will serve the Lord in the coming year in the following ways by:
_____ Inviting friends and neighbors without a church home to attend worship with us
_____ Regular Sunday school attendance
_____ Bringing children to Worship and Sunday school
_____ Daily prayer
_____ Conducting Devotions in our home
_____ Regular Worship attendance

WORSHIP SERVICE:  I will serve the Lord in the coming year by serving in the following ways:
8:30 _____ 11:00 _____ Lay worship assistant
8:30 _____ 11:00 _____ Usher
8:30 _____ 11:00 _____ Greeter
8:30 _____ 11:00 _____ Choir
8:30 _____ 11:00 _____ Handbell Choir
8:30 _____ 11:00 _____ Acolyte
8:30 _____ 11:00 _____ Crucifer
8:30 _____ 11:00 _____ Altar Guild
Months preferred ____________
Months Not preferred ____________

SERVICE IN EDUCATION:  I will serve the Lord in the coming year by serving in the following ways:
_____ Son-day School Teacher
_____ Bible School Teacher
_____ Catechetical (Confirmation) Class Teacher
_____ Bible study
_____ Book Review group

SERVICE IN FELLOWSHIP GROUPS:  I will serve the Lord in the coming year by serving in the following ways:
_____ Providing Sunday School refreshments
_____ Lutheran Women in Mission
_____ Lutheran Men in Mission
_____ Pairs & Spares (Senior / Retiree group)
_____ Supper club
_____ Churches Assisting People (CAP) Volunteer
_____ Youth group advisor
_____ Lutheran Church Youth
_____ Shepherd’s Table (food kitchen) Volunteer
_____ Young Adult Fellowship 

SERVICE IN OTHER MINISTRIES:  I will serve the Lord in the coming year by serving in the following ways:
_____ Congregation Council (2-year term by Congregation election)
_____ Offering Counter (counting weekly offering)
_____ Secretarial assistance (assists church administrator on__________ [day available])
_____ Lay visitor (deliver welcome packets to new worshippers)
_____ Lawn care (warm weather months)
_____ Minor Building Maintenance and Repair
_____ Seasonal facility Cleanup (spring and Fall)
_____ James Healing / Prayer Ministry
_____ Prayer Groups
_____ Sanctuary Technology team (help with live streaming
_____ Student Ministry (with CCU and HGTC students)

MINISTRY TEAMS:  I will serve the Lord in the coming year by joining the following mission teams:

_____Outreach / Evangelism: Reaches out to invite those (un-churched or de-churched) with no church home to worship with us and perhaps join our church family; seeks to restore inactive members; calls on first-time visitors. 

_____Worship:  Gives direction to the worship ministry of the church. 

_____Education: Guides the various educational ministries of the church, including Sunday School, Bible School, Catechetical (confirmation) programs and any other Christian education programs of the church. 

_____Property:  Maintains and improves church buildings and grounds. 

_____Resource:  Works on Every Member Response program; prepares the annual budget of the church; monitors Time, Talent and Treasure response of the congregation (this form). 

_____Fellowship:  Plans fellowship events of the congregation; maintains Fellowship Hall kitchen supplies.

_____Social Ministry:  Aids the congregation’s efforts in ministering to the hurting and needy, of the congregation and community.  (Does not sponsor social events) 

_____Care / Prayer:  Ministers in times of joy and sorrow, seeks to communicate and keep contact with membership; serves as phone contact committee. 

_____Long Range Planning: Seeks to lead in the visioning of the future of the church.

_____Staff / Church:  Serves to strengthen the ministry of the salaried staff. 

_____Education Grants:  Oversees the Elizabeth Bates Handy Scholarship for Education Program for high school seniors. 

_____Youth:  Gives direction to the youth of the congregation and their ministries. 

_____Audit: Performs the quarterly audit of the finances of the congregation.  

List other ministries you would like to see established at Christ the Servant Lutheran church: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Suggest any ideas you may have for strengthening our overall ministry or any part of it: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

List any abilities you have which you would be willing to share in the church’s programs: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How would you like to be listed in the church directory?

Your and
Spouse’s name_________________________________________

Children’s names_______________________________________________

Home Address _________________________________________

include zip code________________________________________ 

Mailing address (if different)_____________________________________________

Home phone___________________________________________

Work phone ___________________________________________

Cell phone ____________________________________________

Email address__________________________________________

Thank you. We could not survive without your help