Sermon series on Life’s Healing choices


#1 Sermon series “Life’s Healing Choices.” Admitting Need – the Reality choice. Part of our fallen human nature is to refuse change until our pain exceeds our fears. We try to play God and be in control by controlling our image, other people, our problems and our pain.

#2 God’s blessings in disguise. God uses pain in our lives to get our attention and to teach us to depend on Him. We must know that 1-God exists, 2-We matter to Him and 3-God has the power to help us.

#3 Letting go – the Commitment choice. The things that keep us from making this healing choice are: Pride, Guilt, Fear, Worry and Doubt. Who are you putting your faith in.

#4 Coming clean – The Housecleaning choice. Let go of our guilt and shame in 5 steps: 1-Take a personal inventory, 2-Accept responsibility  for our faults, 3-Ask God for forgiveness, 4-Admit our faults to another person, 5-Accept God’s forgiveness. Finally, forgive yourself.

#5 Making changes – the Transformation choice. Let God transform you in 7 ways: 1-Focus on changing one step at a time, 2-Focus on victory one day at a time, 3-Focus on God’s power instead of your own willpower, 4-Focus on good things instead of the bad, 5-Focus on doing good instead of feeling good, 6-Focus on people who help instead of hinder, 7-Focus on progress instead of perfection.

#6 part I Repairing relationships – the Relationship choice.  Why should we forgive others?  1-Because God has forgiven us, 2-Because resentment doesn’t work, 3-Because we will need forgiveness in our future, and we cannot receive what we are unwilling to give.

#6 part II Repairing relationships – the Relationship choice. We all need what we are unwilling to give. How do we forgive others? 1-Reveal your hurt. We must admit the pain we feel as a result of the hurt, 2-Release the offender. Make a deliberate decision to forgive the offender who  may never ask for forgiveness. Our forgiveness of others who have hurt us must be continual, 3-Replace your hurt with God’s peace. Let God settle the score.

#6 part III  Repairing relationships – the Relationship choice. We need to make amends in our broken relationships. The Bible places a high priority on making things right in our relationships with each other. How do we make amends? Do what you can. You are only responsible for what you do, and not how the other person responds. 1-Make a list of those you have harmed and what you did, 2-Think how you would like them to make amends to you. Then do it privately, with humility and without expectations, 3-Then refocus your life. God’s recycling process is:

“You must ·focus your whole heart to God 
    and ·spread out your hands to Him for help.
Then you can lift up your face without ·shame,
    and you can ·stand strong without fear.
You will forget your trouble.
Your life will be ·as bright as the noonday sun”           Job 11: 13,15-17 ESV

#7 part I Maintaining momentum – the Growth choice.  You cannot live off someone else’s spirituality. Tend to your own soul.  “The spirit is willing but the body is weak.” Mark 14:38.  1-What? We should evaluate ourselves in the light of physical, emotional, relational and spiritual well being. Are we Hurting, Exhausted, Angry, Resentful or Tense? 2-Why? “Let us examine our ways and return to the Lord!” Lamentations 3:40.  Habits help us maintain momentum. Test yourself to make sure you are solid in the faith.  3-When? Spot check yourself with daily review and annual checkup.

#7 part II Maintaining momentum – the Growth choice. Habit 1: Evaluation. Spot check evaluations deal with issues at the moment they occur. Daily evaluations help you review your day and how you dealt with issues. Annual evaluations review all your relationships and how you handled them. Habit 2: Meditation. Think about God’s words in the Bible over and over again. It is listening to God for His directions and the secret of spiritual strength. Memorize those passages for comfort.  Habit 3: Prayer: the best way to plug into God’s power. We can pray about anything. If we can worry about it, we can pray about it. We can pray about any needs we have or struggles we are going through.   Watch and pray. 

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