Council 2019

Congregation Council Officers:

President: Ken Kean
Vice President: Dwight Boucher 
Secretary: George Lotterer
Financial Secretary: Ms. Dianne Siee
Treasurer: Geoff Wilson

Council Representatives to Mission Teams:
At our Annual meeting in November, the following members
were elected or re-elected to Council for a 2-year term:
Care & Prayer: Ms. Dianne Siee
Education: Geoff Wilson 
Scholarship: Susan Handy / Rich Schneider
Fellowship: Shirley Dresch

Long Range Planning: Barry Hatoway
Outreach: Gayne Wray
Resource: George Lotterer
Property: Dwight Boucher
Social Ministry: Ruth DelVecchio
Staff/Church: Ken Kean
Worship: Annette Krapf
Youth: Janice Borque