Our Expectations

Every member of Christ the Servant church is expected to:

Grow in COMMITMENT and active SERVICE to Jesus Christ in heart, soul, body, mind and spirit.

WORSHIP regularly! While members are not to be berated for absence from worship, it is expected that every member will regularly worship the Lord in corporate worship and private devotion.

WITNESS of Christ to others with the invitation for others to come to our fellowship and join us in service to Christ.

Make a written commitment and give a proportionate share of one’s time, talents and treasure to the Lord and His Church.

COMMUNE regularly, at least once a month, to receive the forgiveness of sins and strength for daily life.

READ THE SCRIPTURES daily and regularly participate in the learning opportunities of the Church.

SERVE THE LORD by being willing to offer loving concern and help fellow members and friends in the community who may be in need.

BE AN EXAMPLE of our faith, in our congregation, at work and at play, and in school.

Bring children and youth to the schools and worship services of the church.

PRAY DAILY for the fulfilling of the Lord’s ministry in our midst.