Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) 
is an association of congregations and individuals who are:
• Free in Christ;
• Accountable to one another;
• Rooted in the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions;
• Working together to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission
to go and make disciples of all nations.

LCMC is a centrist Lutheran church body, recognizing Scripture as the sole source and norm of faith and life, and a light to the world.

LCMC is congregationally based, recognizing that the congregation, gathered around the Word and Sacrament, is the church.

LCMC celebrates the priesthood of all believers at every level and constantly strives to support and uphold the pastoral ministry of the men and women called to serve its member congregations.

Congregations may retain membership in Christian denominations as well as associating with LCMC, providing they subscribe to LCMC’s statement of faith and constitution, congregations may belong to as many groups as can assist them in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission.

Membership in LCMC imposes no financial obligations on a congregation.  The association depends entirely on contributions from congregations and individuals.  We suggest giving a portion of benevolence dollars to the general fund of LCMC to help pay for communication, conventions, legal support and expenses associated with coordinating the activities of our congregations.

Congregations may issue a pastoral call to whomever they choose as defined by our Ministry standards. Responsibility for performing due diligence lies with the congregation. LCMC expects pastors and congregations to abide by our governing documents and Statement of Faith.

In regard to social issues, medical benefits offered by LCMC do not cover abortion. A Pastoral Admonition on the Sanctity of Marriage has been adopted by LCMC according to Genesis 2: 24-25, Matthew 19: 4-6 and Mark 10: 2-9 which reads in part;

We affirm that God created us male and female and that it is God’s will and intention that human sexual expression and fulfillment take place only within the boundaries of marriage between one man and one woman.”

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